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David Kapper

Originally from New York, David Kapper, 58 years old, attended Duke University.  He graduated in 1988 and returned to New York to work as a paralegal on one of the largest white-collar criminal litigations of the 20th century.  David then attended The University of Miami School of Law, graduating in 1992.  He practiced law for eight years in South Florida before moving to Atlanta in 1998.   In 1999, he became an Executive Recruiter for Finance & Accounting professionals and practiced for  

10+ years (which he still works on a case-by-case basis).

In 2009, he had an opportunity to work as a consultant for a local CLIX Photography Franchisee and learn about the business and the local market.  When the franchisee closed the company in 2010, he saw an opportunity to purchase the assets and refocus the business, with lower expenses and a different marketing strategy, to make the business successful. 

David has lived in Metro Atlanta for 25 years.  He has two adult children.  His daughter is a Lawyer in Atlanta, and his son works for a family business.  David has coached youth Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse, and Basketball, and he plays tennis and golf for recreation.  He is an active member in the East Cobb Business Association and Business Networks International (BNI) and plays tennis 2 -3 times per week.


In 2015, at 49 years of age, David was Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and has been battling it ever since.  He has had a Prostatectomy, 49 combined days of Radiation Treatment, two rounds of Chemotherapy, and is currently on a Hormone Therapy regimen helping to keep the cancer from spreading.  David has been very active in helping raise money and awareness for Prostate Cancer for several years and is proud to be a Founding Board Member of the Prostate Cancer Awareness Foundation.

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